A Humble Experiment

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This is part of a small experiment of mine in how to create a digital-only, collaborative “publication” using only the technical tools of GitHub, Jekyll, Prose.io.

The gravitational point will be Denmark, but like the Washington Post and the New York Times, Hafnia Times1 will be internationally oriented with a solid geographic base.

My aspiration is to bring a, shall we say, more factual voice to the Danish political conversation with little to no “commentary” and Smart Takes. The open nature will support the transparency and sharing of open data that is sorely missed today.

For instance, the box at the start of this article will tell you that this article has been edited since publication, and that you can the entire edit history here. You can also get a glimpse of how this article was written by visiting its raw source code.

  1. “Hafnia” being Latin for Copenhagen. ↩︎