Man Wins Lawsuit for Enduring Mistaken Anti-Terror Manhunt

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Almost one year after Alisiv Ceran was the subject of a massive manhunt based on a single train passenger’s report, Ceran was awarded 35,000 DKK ($5,000) in damages. He initially sought 75,000 ($11,000).

In an interview with DR, Ceran’s lawyer reacted to the verdict:

He was cleared of suspicion, but on the other hand, the exposure of him forced him to go public and clear his name in the media.

About the damages awarded:

We set the damages sought to 75,000 DKK, because we didn’t have any precedent. That gave the prosecution a span for meting out the damages according to they found fair.

In closing, on the public prosecutor’s ruling:

They believe the police were required to respond. They don’t think the police did anything wrong. On the other hand, my client endured this tort.

Ceran’s lawyer believes the verdict to be principle, and that this will help others enduring a similar suspicion to seek similar damages.